essay 4?? is it not there ??

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essay 4?? is it not there ??

Post by vickie_lulu »


when doing the it bits and it asks you to save it as essay 1 etc, has anyone else noticed there isnt an essay 4? have i just been silly and cant see it or is it not there? HELP!!

also it kkeeps asking me to add things in from my essay, well as this is my first unit i havent written essays yet, so i have no refences to do the table part! anyone else been in the same boat?? or can you give me advice on what to do?

HELP!! ahh!! i feel really stupid like i have fallen at the first hurdle :(


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Re: essay 4?? is it not there ??

Post by kerrence »

Well IT is my third module after english and Maths and im finding it the most confusing to follow. Its supposed to be the easiest but i'm finding it quite annoying theres lots of faffing around to do and tonnes of printing. My tutor said that it doesn't matter what you use as text to mess about with it can even be a shopping list as long as you cover all the criteria. If you get really stuck just e-mail your tutor they should help.
Good luck with it, Kerry

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Re: essay 4?? is it not there ??

Post by TammyC »

There is no essay 4 but two essay 6 (one for the bitmap picture you create in paint and one for the essay)

I've worked in IT for 15 years and fnd this so out of date and such a waste of paper. In the 'How to' Guide everything is based on windows 2003 which a lot of people no longer have. It is also confusing when it asks you to put a table at the bottom of your essay (what essay?) it hasn't actually asked you to write an essay yet! ...its not until you get a bit further along that you realise it wants you to type up an essay from one of your earlier assessments.

Quite dissapointed in this module actually - and I love I.T :(
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Re: essay 4?? is it not there ??

Post by gezmaca »

Tammy i totally agree. I used word help alot as the module showed how to do everything on a different version of word to what i have. Hope i pass!

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