Assessment criteria

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Assessment criteria

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Hi everyone. Im just at the end of IT and have one small piece of assessment criteria to tick off. Its the one about using bullet points and/or numbered list (5.2). I havent done any of this in the essay I chose to use as ur not allowed to bullet point in essays. Its the only thing preventing me from sending of this module. What should I do????

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Re: Assessment criteria

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Your quite right, you aren't allowed to use bullet points in essays, but your actual essay isn't getting marked to pass the criteria needed for the IT unit, the text is just being used to show that you can manipulate the format.

From memory, I think you had to show that you had a number of drafts. You could always put bullet points in one of your drafts and then take them out for your final piece?

Hope this helps

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Re: Assessment criteria

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absolutely - and you can make as many changes to it as possible just as long as you highlight what criteria it is. eg you don't have to make one change per page, you can do as many as you can fit on. Also, you don't need to use a whole essay - just as section from it (do everything possible to save paper!). I know that you've nearly finished, so perhaps this advice is only relevant for other students....
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