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Just wondering whether you actually answer the 2 questions on page 2? It isnt clear how you should do it. It says:-

Why is it a good idea to save different copies of the same document? How do you know where you have placed a specific file?

Demonstrate the above by producing a screen dump of all your files as shown above.

Does anyone know? IT seems very confusing and I have a degree in it!


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Re: TAQ 1

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Hi - I'm just reading through it all and I have never seen anything so confusing even though I can find my way around the computer in the dark!

I read the materials bit first and wonder why the task is in the materials bit and the assessment bit - I don't get it :?

For the two questions you ask about, I wondered the same; there's no box around either, implying you don't need to answer them.

Surely it would be easier to just get a document and follow a list of instructions to edit it and then print it off, ie: bold the title, indent the second para, have margins of 1.5 cm, put bla, bla bla as your header etc.

Oh well - so much for taking an hour as suggested by my tutor :D

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