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vicki asquith
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Ok sorry if this is so obvious its silly but.....

For criteria 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 how do i show i can do this?

Also what type od cd do i need to save my files on to post to my tutor?


Rhia Hayday
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Re: Criteria

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Hi Vicki

1.1 Open Word from desktop - you'll show this by doing anything on the assessment. You could do a screen dump though if you like
1.2 Enter text with no more than 3 errors - again, you can evidence this just by doing the assessment. Using a screen dump of your spell checker saying that everything is a-ok though would be good practice
1.3 Load a saved text file - again, you show this throughout

You can save it onto a normal re-writeable CD, or you can upload to myDLC (but if you do this, merge the docs together, otherwise you'll have a huge list on your profile)
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