IT TAQ1 - PDF form problems?

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IT TAQ1 - PDF form problems?

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Evening All,

Deep calm breaths...I'm getting more than a little frustrated by the Find the Answers "word" doc, as it states in the assessment, which is a PDF in the assessment section.

The fields where you are suppose to place a description on hardware and software does not wrap. So it looks like one looooong sentence. I'm guessing this is not right, but I cannot edit the PDF as it is locked. The text I've either typed or copied into the fields does not appear in hard copy print either.

Now am I being a muppet or is there a problem on the form?? Any help on this would be appreciated.



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Re: IT TAQ1 - PDF form problems?

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Hi Mel,

It is probably a form thing so tel your tutor exactly what is wrong and we will get it sorted.

Best wishes

Karen :wink:
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