Realistic completion target

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Realistic completion target

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Hey :)

I am about to sit the exam for the Application of Theories to Substantive Topics which is the second graded module of the Access to Nursing course.

Could anyone advise how realistic it would be to complete the remainder of the course by the 30th July? I have worked through and updated my ILP and on paper it's doable however in practice this may be something different?


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Re: Realistic completion target

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Hi Rickelle
You're just under half way through the Diploma with just over 2 months to complete the remaining units. If you were to work on your Diploma full time it could be done (but it would be tough). It would be the equivalent of completing the full Diploma in 4 months. You would certainly need to limit the number of resubmissions, as they can slow your progress. But importantly you need to make sure that the quality of your work doesn't suffer because you're completing work within such a tight timeframe. Can I ask why you want to complete by the end of July? Have you got a university that will take you in September without certification? The issue with a tight deadline is that units can't be resat, and so because of this my advice is always get the grades over meeting a deadline - you can always apply to university for the next intake (March or September) with your Diploma, but if you don't get the grades needed for entry you're in a different situation.
Best of luck with whatever you decide - do have a chat with your tutor about it as they will be happy to advise too.
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