Planning a research project- Psychology

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Planning a research project- Psychology

Post by EmilyMay »

Arghhhh, my brain is absolutely frazzled with this assessment...I don't understand why it isn't making sense to me. Please can somebody give me some advice on anything? I am finding TAQ 1 difficult when really it should be simple. Any help/tips would be greatly appreciated! I have my title but I feel like it isn't specific enough. Thank you in advance xx

Rebecca Smith
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Re: Planning a research project- Psychology

Post by Rebecca Smith »

Hi Emily

You may find a tutorial very useful on this assessment - there are also some other threads on this topic and TAQ - have given a link for one of them below which may help too!

In TAQ 1 to justify your sources means you have to explain why you chose the particular websites that you did for your information - how did you know that they would be providing reliable and valid information - for example we would trust a university website more than Wiki - you need to explain why ... =32&t=9190

Good luck :thumbup:

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Re: Planning a research project- Psychology

Post by JackWorthington »

Hi guys,

I'm really struggling with where to put the information in the table and the is only a few days until the moderation date!!

I understand the information I need to enter into the table but not where to enter it..

Do I only leave the top row as it is and fill out all of the other boxes?

I've seen this question asked previously but still don't 100% understand what goes where?! :crazy:

Thanks in advance!

Dominic Quaintrell
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Re: Planning a research project- Psychology

Post by Dominic Quaintrell »

Hi Jack,

Hopefully this is something we can discuss following your exam at 1.15pm:)


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