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i'm really struggling with this assessment and have lost all motivation to even continue. i have a week of from work this week and am hoping to make a start on it after looking at it for over 2 months, i just really don't know where to start, every time i read a new piece of information it confuses me further and i give up..

someone please help me, as i don't want to give up on my course.

doing access to midwifery.. cant wait to get stuck in :)

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Re: struggling

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I have only just started it but I think it looks hard! I must admit I haven't really enjoyed any of the psychology ones so will be glad to get rid of it and go onto the bios.

I'm just doing the first essay, but can only help by saying remember why you're doing the dlc, and that you are paying month by month - that keeps me going, to get one thing done at a time, then I can tick it off and get it out of the way. I do get 'lost' during essays and reports, get stuck, fed up and then avoid them, but feel better once I've put a couple of paragraphs down. I draft and re-draft so nothing is in stone until I post it off, but feel better getting something down on paper. Might be handy to put deadlines in your calendar and try to keep to them if you can.

What bits are you stuck on, maybe someone who is further on than me might be able to help.

Good luck. Hang in there.

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