Chi square test

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Chi square test

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I cannot get my head around chi square tests! I've never struggled to grasp anything like I'm struggling to grasp the chi square test. I have a statistics book which gives a detailed explanation and I have read tonnes on the net but I still cant get it!

Can anyone explain to me how I do this chi square stuff - I need an idiots guide?

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Re: Chi square test

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I did the chi square test when I did the child development report - when I first came across it I thought it was in another language!!

I found on this website a chi square test which all you have to do is put your basic information in and it calculates it all for you. I was going on websites and looking too much into it, when all you do is input the numbers and it calculates it for you.

Once you have done this, if I remember rightly you can click on the ? and it explains each section for you.

I was definitely looking into it too much, - I hated stats!!

Hope that helps.


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