NVC Report - Inferential stats - Chi square

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NVC Report - Inferential stats - Chi square

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Hi All,

I've come to a stand-still!

I've used the Chi Square calculator in the DLC Library resources and now have a chi-squared value of 2.5283 and degrees of freedom of 3. The assessment then says to look it up on the appropriate table. I am guessing the table is the "CHI-SQUARED PERCENTAGE POINTS" also provided in the dLC library resources. So my questions are:

1: Is this the correct table (2 pages) for my one tailed hypothesis?
2: How on earth do I read it???

It's stopping me going any further :(

Thank you

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Re: NVC Report - Inferential stats - Chi square

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Have a look at the Robson book Experimental Design and Statistics in Psychology in the library - Robson http://www.blackwellpublishing.c ... iments.aspIn our opinion the best Stats Book to use with our materials, it can be downloaded in sections using this link.

and you will find that at the 5% level the result needs to be equal to or more than 7. 185 to be significant

Hope that this helps

DLC Executive Director

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