Observation ethics

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Observation ethics

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I'm at the end of my NVC observation, and am trying to find some information on the ethical considerations when carrying out an experiment on people who do not know that they are being observed. However everything I find says something about obtaining ethical approval from a research comity. Which I am assuming we don't have to do because they would get very bored of students asking over and over for permission about the same study. I guess the DLC has already asked for some sort of umbrella permission right? Anyway, though I am sure this is the case. I cannot find any evidence to back up that I have adhered to ethical guidelines on observations. Does anyone know where I might find something like this?

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Re: Observation ethics

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If you are not hurting any one and are just observing then you do not need their permission as long as you keep to the BPS guidelines (available in the library) then you are fine. So in your write up if you have explained that you completed an observation of naturally occurring behavior and therefore have kept to the ethical guidelines then you will be fine.

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