Confuse. please help!

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Confuse. please help!

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Currently working on Social interaction assesments ( Non-verbal Communication ). I really don't understand this assessments or should i say its confusing! Anyone doing the same thing or already completed it that can help please? had asked my tutor but her answers are just in form of question and really confusing ''which i already am''. can someone help!!

Emily x

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Re: Confuse. please help!

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Hi Emily,

Sorry I have not answered before but I have been on holiday, Have you sorted this by now or do you still need help

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Re: Confuse. please help!

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I would suggest you ask your tutor for a call on this. That said, the focus of the NVC report is for you to undertake what we call a Naturalistic Observation of the differences in touching behaviour between males and females. You will need the following:

a venue to undertake the observation (shopping centre, cinema, park etc..)
a frequency chart so you can detail the observation (split it up into males/females and then upper body/lower body

You will undertake a Chi Squared test on your data
Your data is nominal data as you are observing frequency of behaviour

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