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Hi everyone,

just a quick question incase anyone can answer before my tutor gets back to me.

I've just completed all the TAQs for Interpersonal relationships and wandered in the essay, do I link the references at the bottom of the page to my actual work, by numbers in the margins, etc.. Minds gone blank and cant remember doing this before In other assignments but I'm sure I read somewhere on here yesterday that I did have to?
If so do I just put a little number at the beginning of the sentence I'm referencing, then that number next to the reference at the bottom. I have also included author and date after the sentence I'm referencing but cannot remember if this is enough?

Many thanks.

Jason O' Mahoney
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Re: Referencing

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You need to use Harvard Referencing in your Level 3 work. Please click on the link below:

Please see

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