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Jan Conway

Questions and Answers

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If there are any particular concepts within this unit that are giving you difficulty, please feel free to post questions about them on this thread and we will get back to you as soon as we can with an explanation. We hope that this will then help other people who might be having problems understanding any particular part of this area.
Please use this section of the forum for asking questions and receive guidance from tutors, Please note that this is not an avenue for answering the TAQ’s as these are assessments for students to answer not tutors.

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Re: Questions and Answers

Post by Jenny30 »

Hi, I have a question on the first essay title. Is it ok to make the title " The early influences on psychology are firmly based in the discipline of philosophy".

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Re: Questions and Answers

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HI, im now on a essay where i have to evaluate the contribution of psychological perspectives to the treatment of specific behaviours, cognitions, states of consciousness and emotional relation to ocd. I have read so much info and the case study over and over yet satill cant get my head round where to start or exactly what to include. I have done a essay plan with a fair few ideas but then when i read the title of essay again im wondering if what ive put on plan is really relevant, some advice would be VERY much appreciated


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Re: Questions and Answers

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A good starting point would be an initial discussion with your tutor about how to tackle the assessment. Your tutor will give you guidance on this :thumbup:

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