Perspectives of behaviour TAQ 1 part b

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Perspectives of behaviour TAQ 1 part b

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I don't know if i'm just being really stupid or not but i just don't get this question "Evaluation of the methods of data gathering used by each perspective". Of the two perspectives i used in the first part of this question, neither one showed any evidence of how they gathered their data in the materials provided. I have already had to have an extension because my mother is really poorly and i'm getting a tutorial on Monday (where i wanted to get help with the essay rather than this) but i'm really stuck. I know how to evaluate, i just obviously need to find what i'm supposed to be evaluating!

Am i supposed to look outside the materials? Have i missed something? Or am i just not understanding the question properly? Help!
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Re: Perspectives of behaviour TAQ 1 part b

Post by Rebecca Smith »

Hi Jennifer
Sorry for the delay in replying - I have been on holiday! You will need to look a little outside the materials to help you with evaluating the methods of data gathering. For instance if the evidence you have used is from a case study you will need to look for information relating to this technique - how is data gathered in a case study and what are the advantages and disadvantages of this
Hope this helps - you can also get some more advice in your tutorial :thumbup:

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Re: Perspectives of behaviour TAQ 1 part b

Post by petlamb83 »

Rebecca Smith, thank you , you have just answered the question i was about to ask, I was struggling with part b too.


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