How to move up Grade Bands - Psychology

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How to move up Grade Bands - Psychology

Post by alexiyoung12 »

Hello i have only just finished the first graded unit and I am waiting for my mark (Pass, Merit, Distinction)

Whilst im waiting for the result i have moved onto the next assessments, does anybody have any tips of how to achieve a distinction?

I am giving the assessment's my absolute everything i am doing extensive re-search, referencing everything, trying to keep all spelling etc up to scratch.

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Re: How to move up Grade Bands - Psychology

Post by nicole87 »

Hi there,

Although I am not studying psychology, from speaking to others, I have heard that you need to provide lots of information regarding a few aspects of the topic. I am sure someone who is studying psychology and having achieved distinctions will be able to better advise you.

I have found within biology that you need to concise, entering lots of information and ensuring your spelling and referencing is 100% correct. Also by answering the criteria and using the helping pointers at the end of the TAQ's really helps you achieve a good grade.

Also, do not be afraid to ask your tutor questions or send the odd draft answer them. The facebook group is really useful and everyone helps everyone else out.

I think we all feel the same in trying really hard to achieve the best we can and it's always frustrating waiting to see how you have done so that you can compare it to the current assessment you are working on.

I wish you all the best and hope someone can help you out along the way.

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Re: How to move up Grade Bands - Psychology

Post by carrotcruncher »

I would echo what Nicole said, especially about reading the 'grade descriptors for merit and distinction' at the end of each assessment criteria sheet - that does tell you what is expected to make those grades.
Ask questions when you're not sure, either to your tutor directly , or on here, or on the FB group (or on all of them) - we don;t bite - and normally someone helpful with be able to give you a steer fairly quickly.

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Re: How to move up Grade Bands - Psychology

Post by Karen »


I would suggest having a tutorial at the start of each of your assessments. Then any questions you have of what is expected of you can be dealt with immediately, and also I would suggest taking a few notes. :thumbup:
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