Academic Writing Assignment

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Academic Writing Assignment

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Can anyone give me any advice on how to approach this Assignment, please? :shock: What does the question actually want me to write my essay about? Ethics, Restraint, or both? Do I use the case study provided by the DLC learning materials or do I need to find another? What is the best format to follow when writing this? Please help. :doh:

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Re: Academic Writing Assignment

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just look at the post underneath your one mate :thumbup:

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Re: Academic Writing Assignment

Post by nicole87 »

Hi Chris,

there are a few posts on the forum regarding this essay. It is asking you to write about the ethics of restraint, so is it ethical to restrain a mentally ill patient? Think about from a healthcare professional point of view; to protect the patient and others from harm, but also, what happens if restraining a patient causing harm to the person, when it is a healthcare professional's duty to not harm them. There are two arguments to this. So use your own research to back this up and it is ok to use the examples within DLC material.

Hope this helps,

Yell out if you need any more advice.


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