Academic Writing Assessment Criteria

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Academic Writing Assessment Criteria

Post by libby »

I'm currently trying to understand the following assessment criteria:

"Use appropriate language and register"

I'm struggling to understand what this means, has the end of the sentence been missed off? :wtf:

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Re: Academic Writing Assessment Criteria

Post by Rhia Hayday »

Hi Libby

Haha that made me chuckle! No, the end of the sentence hasn't been missed off :) It means to make sure that you write in an academic way - this would include:

* following the guidance in the How to Guides
* writing in the third person (eg 'It can be argued that ...' instead of 'I think that ...')
* making sure you always use the correct tense (eg don't flit from past, to present to future tense)
* use language specific to the topic correctly (eg be technically correct, make sure that you understand what all the words mean and that you're using them in the right way)

I hope this helps (have you also seen the link to the Ascentis assessment document too? You can have a look at the criteria as we get them from Ascentis - they sometimes have further guidance under 'indicative content')
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