Including the criteria on Academic Writing

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Including the criteria on Academic Writing

Post by Rainbowbrite »

Hi all, Would ask my tutor this usually but seeing as it's the weekend I can't.

In the Academic Writing Assessment, in TAQ 1 it says 'In this TAQ you will be examining your essay title and beginning your planning by answering these questions' This I understand.

But one of the questions is "What assessment criteria and learning objectives do i need to evidence in my essay?" Do I just list the criteria word for word that is already on the answer sheet? Do I rephrase?

Sorry if it's a silly question. :lol:

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Re: Including the criteria on Academic Writing

Post by PPoskitt »

There are no silly questions here :thumbup: It's been a long time now since I completed my Diploma & I'm sure things have changed since, so I'll not pretend to know the absolute answer for this one!

Can anyone who has done this particular module help with this please?

~All the best
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Re: Including the criteria on Academic Writing

Post by carrotcruncher »

It's not worded the same as my one was I'm afraid, so I can't give a definitive answer either although I suspect it's similar - my answer was on the lines of:
I must structure material in order to make a logical response, select and analyse information for the target audience and use appropriate language and register.

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