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I'm just working my way through the "how to prepare for a presentation" and might have got a bit ahead of myself and I've created a powerpoint presentation for my subject before really reading the question about the flash cards....

Can I use my powerpoint slides as my flashcards? or use the slides as handouts and use the notes on the slides as my flash cards??

Also what do I do with my referencing if they want it in this format as all mine are on the powerpoint slide!

Arghhh! Read the questions better next time....!


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Re: Presentation

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What we have to do is to make sure that what you have in your PPT meets the instructions on the assessment, and any criteria that is assessed. So make sure that you:

- have a plan for TAQ 2 a)
- you can use a print out of the PPT slides as your flashcards, but make sure that you cover all of the points on TAQ 2 b), so that you meet all of the criteria assessed (including editing / drafting)
- reference list / bibliography slide - print this out to meet TAQ 2 c)

You can still use your PPT for your presentation as you'd planned to. Make sure you comment on what you have learned from this in TAQ 4 :)

Pass this post onto your tutor so they can see that I have said this is ok

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Re: Presentation

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Hi @Markkemp820

I've got some tips for you, which i learned after giving tons of presentations

1) Keep the presentation short and simple (don't bore them)
2) Do not use too much text in one slide
3) Only write key information and keep the rest for speaking
4) To provide references you can hypertext links or add them all in the last slide
5) Carefully choose the presentation themes in accordance with the lightning conditions of the delivery place
6) Rehearse in front of mirror ( so you don't get confused )

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