Front Sheet????

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Front Sheet????

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I have just completed the Personal Writing assignment and am getting it all together to send off. I remember reading somewhere that we need to send work with a front sheet but I can"t remember where I read this or find anything about it. Help!!

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Re: Front Sheet????

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The assessment criteria sheet is found with the assessment. It will appear at the beginning or end of the assessment.

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Re: Front Sheet????

Post by kathdb »

I'm confused with the front sheet, do we have one at the front of each task? so one for personal statement, one for pros and negs of chosen subject etc?

If just the one for all how do you list in the small box which essay and paragraph you have met the criteria?

Thanks in advance

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Re: Front Sheet????

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You have one front sheet for the whole assessment and to be honnest no one has had any problems beore putting in the boxes where you have covered the criteria.

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