Maths - Aplication of Numbers HELP

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Maths - Aplication of Numbers HELP

Post by norrisjodie »


I am just trying to complete the Aplication of Numbers TAQ.

TAQ11 you have a age range chart of male and females and question e is 'what is the median age for the female subjects?' Does anyone know what this means? I am at a complete loss. I know median is the middle number, but middle number of what!!!!

Help please :?

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Re: Maths - Aplication of Numbers HELP

Post by Mrsjprice »

So would this mean you need to find the middle age of the female subjects?

Is that worded slightly better?

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Re: Maths - Aplication of Numbers HELP

Post by aclarke55 »

Line up all female ages from youngest to oldest and pick the middle number of all the ages

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