Genetic engineering - PLEASE HELP

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Genetic engineering - PLEASE HELP

Post by DanniH »


I have completed my personal writing assignment and moved on to my essay on Genetic engineering.

I just don't know where to start with it. I cannot remember the last time i wrote an essay, and the information is just so overwhelming! :? :shock:

If anyone could give me some good ideas on how to organise the information etc it would be really helpful and much appreciated!!



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Re: Genetic engineering - PLEASE HELP

Post by NICOLALA »

I believe this is part of the ethics module?

I think the deal is that you've got to pick an ethical issue and discuss it but link it with your chosen choice of study?

Perhaps try researching these two topics or another topic that's clearly an ethical issue in regards to health (or whatever you are studying) and see what you can come up with? :)

Also when writing an essay I tend to strictly read the criteria and break up the TAQs. Do re-read it so that you completely understand what it is that you're being asked to do. If you find any of the questions somewhat confusing then asking here is always a way to get answers or failing that asking your tutor directly who can simply break it down with you. :)

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