Urgent help required!!

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Urgent help required!!

Post by crimeblitz »

Hey guys,
doing my comms assessment for access to nursing. After listing all the tasks, it says total word count 1500 - 2000 words. Can anyone tell me if that is the word count for all 3 tasks together or just for one of the specific tasks??? Ive done 870 words just writing up some of the notes I made for task one and that means ive not got a lot of allowance left for the other tasks. Can anyone help??? I cant get through to my tutor because its the weekend.

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Re: Urgent help required!!

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The word count for the assignment this does not include the CV, notes for 1.1, UCAS form and Personal Statement.

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Re: Urgent help required!!

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I'm currently doing the Personal Writing Unit and just wanted clarification on the word count for Task 1.

Does the 200 word count for 1b) include the first bullet point ie. What you have to do to enter the profession? Or is it just for the positives 2nd bullet point.



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Re: Urgent help required!!

Post by Kirstieholden »

I am also stuck on this. I have some how managed to get 1400 words so far on just the write up of task one! how is it possible to fit it all in the word limit. I know it excludes the CV UCAS Form and Personal Statement but am I write in believing that the personal profile and interview questions ARE included in this the word count?? xx

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