Level 2 Exceptions

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Level 2 Exceptions

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Hoping someone can answer my question.

When I started the Access course I claimed an exception in English and IT because I already had accepted in date qualifications. I now have my GCSE maths which I passed last summer, my 1st question is can I now claim an exception for the level 2 Maths even though I have passed it within the Access course?

Secondly, for the two units I claimed exceptions for (English and IT) can I use these points to up my Level 3 score if needed? For example if needed a two more modules at distinction/merit to achieve my 30 level 3 at distinction and 15 merit Uni requirement could I use the 6 points I have exceptions for?

Hope this makes sense. :crazy:
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Re: Level 2 Exceptions

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I presume you're on the old Diploma (Open Awards rather than Ascentis)? I'll answer as if you are. (But if you, or any other student reading this with similar questions, are on the new Diploma (eg Ascentis), then this answer isn't applicable.)

A pre-2014 Diploma is 60 credits, and at least 45 must be at level 3. If you (or the university) like, the full 60 credits can be at level 3, or anywhere in between. You can also take more than 60 credits, essentially taking as many credits as you like. BUT only 60 will be on your Diploma certificate. The extra credits will be on a separate one. The credits that have to be on your certificate are the compulsory ones (eg 15 credits HBS1, Research Methods and Stats etc).

At the moment your Diploma will look like this:

6 credits English (exemption)
3 credits IT (exemption)
6 credits Maths (on Diploma)

+ 45 credits at level 3

You can take off as many of the level 2s you want to. So if you need one more Distinction to meet the entry requirements (and the university hasn't stipulated that it's one of the compulsory ones you've already taken), I would recommend that you take the IT off, and replace it with another 3 credit level 3 assessment.

You can use your exemption too, instead of the Maths level 2 assessments you've taken as part of your Diploma, but there's no reason why this would improve your application, so I'm not sure why you'd want to do this. ??

I do think that you need to discuss this with your tutor, and explain that you need to take more level 3s. If you take anywhere between another 3 and 9 credits then this won't be classed as additional credits on top of your Diploma. So as long as you do it within the 12 months, this won't cost you any more in course fees. BUT if you take more than a further 9 level 3 credits, then it will classed as additional credits. This is because the Diploma is 60 credits, and you'll have been tutored on 60+ credits. The info on this is on the fees page, but again, talk to your tutor if you have any concerns.

Does this make sense and answer your question? It's not actually that complicated (the answer is yes to both of your questions), but there were a couple of things I needed to explain. I hope that it hasn't been confusing?!
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Re: Level 2 Exceptions

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Check this one, more about exceptions.......System level Exceptions Vs Application level Exceptions


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