Study Skills Assessment!

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Study Skills Assessment!

Post by Emmycooper »


So i have been given my access code to get started on my first assessment, how does this need to be laid out? i know i have to upload the front sheet etc when completed. can i just do all my TAQs on word? any help will be greatly received.



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Re: Study Skills Assessment!

Post by Karen »

Hi Emma

Yes, TAQ's on word, and just read the document, it will usually tell you how to set it out, e.g table etc.

Hope this helps

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Re: Study Skills Assessment!

Post by PPoskitt »

Do have a good read of the Student Handbook ( ... ndbook.php) which will give you all the information with regards to how assessments should be laid out :thumbup:
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Re: Study Skills Assessment!

Post by carrotcruncher »

Hi - yes, just did mine a couple of weeks ago.
Do all your TAQ's in 'Word' (or - how to lay it out is on page 12 of the criteria sheet)
Fill in the student assessment criteria sheet.
Upload both when you're done and wait for it to be marked, in the meantime you will get the password for your next material.
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