Recommended books

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Recommended books

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Hey guys,
totally fed up at the moment. I waste hours going through the internet trying to find information for assessments only to come back with very little useable findings. Its either too basic or scholar standard which I don't understand. The course materials DLC give you are not really any help as they don't provide the detail you need to answer the questions the assessments ask, and the more I look into things on the net, the more complicated it becomes. Im only on organisation of the body and im finding it far to difficult. TAQ4 and TAQ5 have got me stumped. Ive even looked through the forum here but it just seems that the questions get reworded without any actual fresh guidance :( I understand that this is considered independent learning but I did expect a little more help than im getting in terms of course materials. Can anyone on here recommend books for the biology 1 and 2 sections? I simply don't have time to spend hours trawling the net for nothing. I really need help here. Ive messaged my tutor but the response times mean I lose days at a time stuck on the same things. Heading out to see if I can find a bog standard a level biology book in smiths (I think they have AQA approved texts so fingers crossed they will be ok).

Robin Greenwood

Re: Recommended books

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any a2 level textbook should be ok, but not a study guide and we recommend Tortora and Grabowski's excellent Principles of anatomy and physiology, we use the 10th edition but anything around that should be fine

I hope this helps


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Re: Recommended books

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I use Derrickson and Tortora principles of anatomy and physiology. I bought mine but you can borrow from a local library.

Tbh a lot of websites probably will help but because you don't understand it straight away it all looks like jargon. I research first. Look at places with title such as dummies guide to.... Or anything at GCSE level lol. It gives you a basic understanding and then you progress further from there.


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