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In TAQ 1 does it want me to concentrate on the scanning electron microscope or the transmission electron microscope? 

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Re: TAQ 1

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When I did this I covered both in the one column, as some features are the same for both, such as not being able to look at living samples, but some features you may want to describe them both.

Also, to answer your other question, I just wrote in bullets as the word count is quite tight.

I'm sure a tutor will be along soon to confirm, but hope that helps a bit.


Robin Greenwood

Re: TAQ 1

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As mentioned below, it's best to focus on the terms in the criteria, for that i'd choose either but I'd not make that the focus of the answer since it tends to encourage people spending the words talking more about the microscopes than focusing (no pun intended) on the terms which the criteria asks for

I hope this helps


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