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Hi there wondering if someone could help. I'm really stuck on this one. Been on it for quite a while now. I understand what is needed from the criteria but I'm just not sure how to answer the questions really. I honestly feel I could write out a paragraph or two to fit the criteria - how the tissues function and make up the organs, and how the organs function and interact within the systems, far more easily than answer the questions. I've chosen heart and lungs.

I understand the difference between questions C and D. 'Name two systems and explain the function of an organ within each system' and 'Explain how the two organs interact to maintain the living processes of the body' but for question B) 'Describe the function of each organ' surely I would just be repeating myself alot? Or for that one should it be more about the tissues that make up each organ or should it be a simple overview of their functions. A little confused really.

Robin Greenwood

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Nope, this is a bit of an oddly worded criteria but the framework is mainly there to give a different focus, for instance if i was answering this question I'd discussion tightly related systems like cardiovascular and the respiratory systems

Then I could discuss the individual organs first and their function and then relate how the links between the two operate particularly since these two systems are very tightly co ordinated

I hope this helps


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