TAQ2B appreciate some help please asap

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TAQ2B appreciate some help please asap

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As I can't get to speak to a tutor for two weeks.

Am I right in thinking that not only do I describe the function of the cells I also need to say how their structure ( if they are hairy, long tails,their shape etc) help with their function?

In the example table for ribosomes they haven't done that and it doesn't mention it in the criteria either, so I am unsure if I am meant to do that for every cell?

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Re: TAQ2B appreciate some help please asap

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If their structure, i.e. what form they take, makes a difference to their function then you can describe the structure itself but if you the structure does not effect their function then you do not need to. You could also if you wanted put in a picture of the part so not loosing your word count.

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