TAQ 1 - Clarity

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TAQ 1 - Clarity

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I have been doing Human Biology Science 1 and TAQ1 is about microscopes (which might I add, I know nothing about) I cannot find anywhere anything to do with clarity. I have spent what feels like an eternity looking for clarity and microscopes. I don't understand why these website can't give information in simple terms instead of speaking in science talk.

Also, what I don't understand is what has biology got to do with psychology as I don't understand why I am answering questions etc on something I will probably never use again (like most things I suppose lol)

Thank you
Laura :lol:

Robin Greenwood

Re: TAQ 1 - Clarity

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Clarity is basically the limit of magnification of a microscope without detail lost, in the least terminology heavy way, the limitation of clarity is more about the medium that the image is translated in. The bigger the wavelength of the light being transmitted, the more limited the clarity since nothing smaller than the wavelength of the light being used can be clearly seen and even if a larger magnification is used the images would be blurred, lacking in clarity

There are microscopes that use 'blue light' since blue is at the shorter end of the visible electromagnetic spectrum it means that smaller things can be seen using this light where a microscope using red, would be more limited.

I'd tie in clarity with resolution, since of course they are closely linked

I hope this helps


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