Criteria 1.1 Extra Help and Pointers

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Criteria 1.1 Extra Help and Pointers

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Hello, I'm probably over thinking everything but criteria 1.1 on the sheet marked "Extra Help and Pointers" mentions discussion, arguments and details to be quantified in a standard index manner.

What is meant by "standard index manner"? I would guess bullet points but it's only a guess.
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Re: Criteria 1.1 Extra Help and Pointers

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The extra help and pointers for assessment criterion 1.1 in organisation of the body means that as you discussing microscopes you will come across values (quantities) for example for wavelength and you are expected to include them correctly.

Let me give you another example when you write centimetres cubed you would write cm and the cubed would a small number 3 above the m of the cm you would not write cm3 - as this incorrect. Hope this helps, if not please do email me on and I will clarify further for you.


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