Applying through UCAS (Adult Nursing)

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Applying through UCAS (Adult Nursing)

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I would like to apply for Adult Nursing, 2015/16, how can I go about it please?

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Re: Applying through UCAS (Adult Nursing)

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Hi Abbey,

To apply for Adult nursing in 2015/16, you need to apply through the UCAS system. This is basically a system where you will input all of your details, qualifications and attach a personal statement for universities to see.

So to begin with, you need to decide on the course and universities you'd like to apply for (you can apply for a maximum of 5 universities to start with). This link will head you in the right direction... ... bjectCode=

Once you have looked into your universities/attended any open days etc and made your decisions, it's time to make your application.....

For advice on filling out your Ucas application - there is plenty of guidance on the ucas website. There is also a DLC section to help with filling out the ucas form found here....

Also on the above page of the DLC, there are forms that need filling out and sending to your DLC tutor, before your reference can be filled and sent off. Just take note of the deadline dates etc and make sure to keep your tutor informed to where you're at; and if you need any advice/help with filling out the forms.

I hope this helps you to get started in the right direction! Good luck and let me know if you need any more help :D :thumbup: :D
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