Diet and Digestion TAQ 5

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Diet and Digestion TAQ 5

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I am being driven slowly mad by this question. It has a 200 word limit on it but it seems completely impossible to cover everything.

I have 3 sections focussing on the stomach, small intestine and large intestine.
I have a 3 small diagrams showing the internal walls of each.
I have bullet pointed each organ describing the layers mucosa, sub muscosa, muscularis and serosa
And still have 364 words!!
I already tried essay format to combine and compare each. I tried sections describing each and I put too many words in.

How to you get a high scoring efficient answer?? It seems impossible!! Is it just me or are the set word limits completely unrealistic??

Any suggestions?? Before I go mad??

Robin Greenwood

Re: Diet and Digestion TAQ 5

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already answered above

I hope it helps


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