Whole Assignment, Robin please Help!!

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Whole Assignment, Robin please Help!!

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I think I have now just about finished but I do not want to hand this in!! Worst one I have done yet!! Really have struggled on this one. Can anyone break down each question in simple terms as I need all merits to get into Uni and I don't even think this is barely a pass!! :( Got all D and M so far and this has really really knocked my confidence.

TAQ 1 - Have done bullet points of basic meals eg: chicken, potatoes, veg. Then described why each person needs certain things, eg....folic acid for pregnant woman, lots of carbs for athlete etc..

TAQ 2 - Explained what each disorder is and how poor diet influences it and other disorders it can lead to.


A - absorp and ass explained - breakdown etc..

B - Basic processes and why its important eg: mouth - mastication - important to turn food into bolus to travel down the oesophagus.

C - Juices - enzymes etc...


A - Labelled

B - Major organs - brief explanation of processes, what happens and what other factors take place.

TAQ 5 - Explained structure of gut wall and brief explanation of stomach and small intestine relating to the layers.

I am totally over my head. :( :( Robin can you offer any advice or guidance on this please? Has any other students completed this on the new materials yet? :shock:

Robin Greenwood

Re: Whole Assignment, Robin please Help!!

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well the key phrase I'd use here is 'be specific' tutors are looking for detail and for exactitude in the answers and if you're getting D's and M's so far chances are you're doing fine

D and D is one that a lot of people struggle with since it starts on softer science than some of the other units and this is something that often catches people unawares

TAQ 1 the menu is more of a framing, the meat of this one is in the second section, clearly identify what each person needs and why, if you do that you should be fine

TAQ 2 sounds fine to me

TAQ 3 all sounds good, as long as each of these is clear and outlined specifically I'm sure you'll do fine

TAQ 4 sounds good

TAQ 5 keep in mind the different areas of the gut, how are the walls of the ileum different from those of the stomach

I hope this helps


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Re: Whole Assignment, Robin please Help!!

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I've just submitted this afternoon. The first question was a pain because of the word-count, but after I'd sorted that out I felt pretty comfortable with the rest of it.
I'm no tutor but what you've said sound like it's along the right lines!?!

I've got my head round the 'be specific' thing now, in fact, one of my answers quite a few words under so I got to use the words 'the' and 'and' haha

I'm still waiting for the previous 2 science assignments to be marked so I don't really know how I'm going... Fingers crossed hey, it'd be nice to know I've got the format of the answers right before I start the next unit but I can't just sit and wait weeks on end :( I want to get as many units done as possible before I submit my UCAS form so I can put some estimated grades on but at the speed the marking's going I'll be lucky! Starting my 6th level 3 in 6 weeks tomorrow - I'm on a roll! :D

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Re: Whole Assignment, Robin please Help!!

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I am the same! Who is your tutor?? I felt I was on a roll but this one has really thrown me! I now have 6 left and am done!! thank god! I will PM you! x

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Re: Whole Assignment, Robin please Help!!

Post by Donna10480 »

Hi, I dont know if any of you will see this, as ive noticed the dates go back to november. I have just finished D&D and uploaded it tonight and im feeling exactly the same way .... i feel like i havent done good enough, but after endless hours of research, there was literally nothing more which i could do to enhance it !!!!!

What has everyone else received ? grade wise?


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