TAQ 4b

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TAQ 4b

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I'm really struggling with 4b. Surely its asking the same as 3b?
It just asks you to describe the major functions

Ahhhh this is my last bit and its due in tomorrow :( its puzzled me for days!


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Re: TAQ 4b

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I've just looked back on my assessment and they are very similar but 3b is asking for the physical process of digestion where as 4b is wanting you to explain the function as a whole for each digestive organ, (I listed more then was in TAQ 3b). Thats what I thought anyway, its due back on friday from marking so hope its right!
Hope this helps a bit.

Robin Greenwood

Re: TAQ 4b

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the main trick to this is always to check against the criteria, which is the main reason we put the criteria right there next to the question. 3 b is linked with criteria 2.2 or

Describe the physical processes involved in digestion and explain their importance

so that question is focused on the physical processes, any answer to the chemical processes is pretty much wasting the word count on another criteria and that's definitely something to be avoided where 4b is linked to criteria 3.1 or

Identify the major organs of the digestive tract and their main functions

so while some elements of the physical processes might be involved in this, the focus is more on the organs themselves and what they do

I hope this helps


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