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WHat is wrong with me........ really struggling to get off the mark with this one!!!!! I have done a basic menu (because that's all the word count would allow) but now I've hit a brick wall again, I've written about a teen athletes dietary requirements and am already way over. I'm seriously losing the plot.... :thumbdown: :(
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Yup, the menu is kept deliberately brief because there have been times when people have worked hard on the menu and submitted just that missing the real meat of the assignment which is that second part

I'd focus entirely on what nutrients each of the people needs and explain why you've included them in the menu, so there's the major nutrients, how would the athlete's be different and the micronutrients, what would the athlete need and why would he need them more than another person. The key to this is understanding the dietary requirements and explaining that for each of the three

I hope this helps


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