URGENT - passcode needed

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URGENT - passcode needed

Post by Tattie »

Hi Robin

sorry to be messaging you on here but my tutor is away and I've deleted the alternative contact details for who I'm supposed to contact BUT the passcode I have for the Diet and Digestion assessment is not working.

Don't know why as I have the questions printed off in front of me and it is the only passcode I have!?

Are you able to forward the passcode to me so I can access the diagram, to label it for TAQ 4 a)

This needs to be in on Wednesday and Andrew isn't back til Monday.
Alternatively let me know who to e-mail in order to get the passcode

thanks Nicola Theaker

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Re: URGENT - passcode needed

Post by Mrsjprice »

Hi. Nicola,

You can not be given the pass code in the forum. Please contact student services to see if they can help.


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