Diet & Digestion TAQ1

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Diet & Digestion TAQ1

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I have had this unit a couple of days now, and I am baffled by TAQ1 and the three day menu for the teenage athlete, the pregnant woman and the elderly male.
The link provided I think is shocking.
Has anyone got any tips?
How do I know what an elderly male hospital patient would eat for 3 days?

Thank you in advance

Robin Greenwood

Re: Diet & Digestion TAQ1

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I would keep the menus brief, they're not actually meant to be the main focus but really I'd include elements that you then explain within the next section since the main thrust of this assignment is to focus on the different needs of each so one person might need food with more iron like liver and then you could explain why this is within the menu. The menu itself is meant to be simple with a main focus on the explanation of each dietary requirement

I hope this helps


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