TAQ 3b

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TAQ 3b

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Can anyone put me right on this question.

This is the question about the physical processes of digestion.

In the guidance notes for this table it says to mention mastication/churning and emulsification, but emulsification is the breaking down of fats by bile surely this isn't part of the physical process? Isn't it part of the chemical process, or am I missing something?

Bit confused. x
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Robin Greenwood

Re: TAQ 3b

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emulsification is the seperation of lipids which normally accrete in fluid mosaic groups, so is actually a physical process rather than a chemical one since there's no change in the lipids themselves, just their being seperated from each other and if the bile was removed they would once more form into spheres in the presence of water

I know it's a little of semantics but it seemed a little more apposite than being part of the chemical change since then the lipids themselves are broken down

I hope this helps


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