TAQ 4 what am I missing ?

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TAQ 4 what am I missing ?

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Hi everyone Im struggling to meet the word count for this TAQ I think I may be missing something vitaly important although I seem to have covered the criteria I think so this is what I have done:

external body protection ie skin, hairs nasal cavity etc
internal body protection ie hydrochloric acid in stomach etc
Inflammation response to damage tissue
specific defence system ie white blood cells
B cells ie where produced different types
T cells same as B cells
I have briefly mention complement system
654 words

Any thoughts or advice greatly appreciated

thanks in advance

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Re: TAQ 4 what am I missing ?

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You seem to have everything in there so now make sure that you have met the criterion and describe the system also look at the extra help as it tells you what we are are looking for in there.

You also do not have to get exactly 1000 words you can do less so if you feel that you have done it in less that is some times better than bunging everything you can think of down and missing the point

Karen :)
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