Body Defences Essay- Humoral and Cell Mediated

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Body Defences Essay- Humoral and Cell Mediated

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Hi, can anyone advise me please whether it is necessary to explain Humoral and Cell Mediated Immunity as Im not quite sure I fully understand and dont want to waste time going into it if it isnt really required.
I have explained
* primary/first defence...'non specific', dead cells preventing penetration, sebacious glands, mucus and tears containing lysozymes which break down bacteria, stomach acid which kills bacteria, good flora which controls the homestatic balance of bacteria in urogenital tracts.
* secondary defence-'inflammation'- injury triggers attraction of neutrophils and triggers basophils which release histamine, this increases vasodilation and capillary wall permeability- allows neutrophils to reach and kill bacteria, increased swelling due to allowing increased blood through capillary wall, plasma and cells to injury site which reduces available entry points for bacteria.
* now doing third line defence-'specific defence'- will explain t and b cells, helper t cells, cytoxix killer Tcells ,effector and memory b cells and then explain further about difference between primary and secondary response (effector and memory cells, initial infection, subsequent infection). I could go into more detail about humoral and cell mediated but i feel like im getting lost in macrophages, phagocytes, etc etc etc...ARRRGGG!!!....Please say I dont need to put that in :violin:

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Re: Body Defences Essay- Humoral and Cell Mediated

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I would definitely discuss those for the essay on the different kinds of immune system

I hope this helps


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Re: Body Defences Essay- Humoral and Cell Mediated

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I discussed everything you have mentioned above x

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