TAQ 1 functions

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TAQ 1 functions

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I am currently looking for functions of the pathogens including bacteria, fungi, virus, and protozoa as the assessment brief says to do to compare. I am struggling to find websites giving enough information on this. For bacteria I have found that it functions to reproduce more bacterial cells but I am not sure if there are more functions than this.

Can anyone help shed some light in how much information I need to include about the functions of the pathogens and any websites that are useful please?

Thank you

Robin Greenwood

Re: TAQ 1 functions

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function isnt one of the best sections on that so I'd talk more about morphology, life cycles etc and discuss these since there are the main areas that the detail are best focused in

I hope this helps


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Re: TAQ 1 functions

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Im really staggering with resources on this one. No help on the dlc web sight. Have a book on human health and diseases, and even that doesn't go into enough detail on differences or nutrition like the question asks.
Did you manage to find anything helpful?

Any pointers would be great.

Larry Beale
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Re: TAQ 1 functions

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HI, I started to struggle with this one after I saw the four suggested differences at the very bottom of the TAQ. As Robin states, just go to town a bit more on the structure, and reproduction. That'll show you understand the subject. Hope that helps.

Every section of HBS1 has tripped me up in this fashion. I think we all want to do a perfect distinction grade job, and when a TAQ says we should consider something we focus upon those areas. Time and again I have been told (by the excellent Karen Himenndra) after grinding to a halt with a unit "not to worry about it" or "its not a major issue." I am aware that ALL the units are being re-written, but surely it would take 30 seconds to remove misleading information from a TAQ? Or spelling mistakes from a grammar unit??

Rant over.

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