TAQ 1 advice needed!

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TAQ 1 advice needed!

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I am struggling with this first TAQ because it is hard to find information that is in depth enough but not tooooooo in depth.

The main issue I have is that for each of the subheadings (e.g. life cycle) there is not a straightforward answer that can be fit in to the word count. The life cycle seems to depend on what type of each micro-organism and also the conditions it is under. Is it okay to say this plus give maybe one specific example?

I'm not sure how to proceed with this.

Thank you :)


Robin Greenwood

Re: TAQ 1 advice needed!

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Well, I would definitely craft the answer within as much detail as can be achieved within the word count by being specific as possible, the use of examples is a good approach to this but they of course should only be used as part of the answer. The life cycle would be best described succinctly but accurately as would each of the major parts of this though the word 'purpose' is a little off topic so I'd definitely focus on the biological factors of each, morphology and life cycle definitely being a good start

I hope this helps


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