TAQ 1 part 2

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TAQ 1 part 2

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I'm stuck and confused.

For the table I have structures, nutrition, life cycle, reproduction and function. However I can't get to grips what we are expected to put under "function" as all I can think of is that they function to survive, reproduce and spread. I have looked back over the old posts and I still can't get my head around it.

Also, is morphology and structure the same thing as I seem to be repeating myself in the table.

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Robin Greenwood

Re: TAQ 1 part 2

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function is a bit of an odd one, kind of anthropocentric so we're not really expecting much in that one but it might be worth discussing some symbiotic bacteria so yeah, I'd focus more on the other elements and yup, structure is the same as morphology

I hope this helps


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