Pathogens - TAQ3 - Powerpoint Presentation

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Pathogens - TAQ3 - Powerpoint Presentation

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I am a bit stuck with this question. I have read through the guidance notes but they don't seem to be making much sense and to top it off, I have never done a Powerpoint Presentation.

Anyone who can give me some help and guidance would be a massive help.

Thank you in advance


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Re: Pathogens - TAQ3 - Powerpoint Presentation

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Hi Laura,
I struggled with this as well but I think I managed it as I have now moved onto TAQ 4.

My first slide is a title page with a picture on it. In the notes I gave a fact about hospital infections and the reference.
2nd slide I have some information from the World Health Organisation and in the notes a bit about infection control
3rd slide is a picture and in the notes I have done some stuff about Hygiene
4th slide is a about hand washing and the notes have some facts and references
5th slide is a summary and the notes are fairly sparse!!
I don't know how good this advice is as I haven't submitted for marking yet and my word count is too high, but it might give you a few ideas!


Robin Greenwood

Re: Pathogens - TAQ3 - Powerpoint Presentation

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Well, I'd keep the powerpoint short and write up notes that you would read out when delivering the presentation...that's where the word count should go and this is to answer the questions on the criteria

2.1 Describe the main features in the control of cross infection.
2.2 Discuss best practice associated with infection control

So really you need to be discussing infection control to prevent on patient infecting another..and measures to control infections coming into the hospital and I'd take a look at MRSA and C Difficile

I hope this helps


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