Personal writing 1.1

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Personal writing 1.1

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Hi, I have just started my level 3 comms & am a bit confused on the first question, 1.1. Do I literally need to show evidence of research or do I also need to write a summary about my research? I know 1.2 is writing about the findings but I am aiming for a distinction & in the ass criteria it says I would need to evaluate the pros & cons that my research has uncovered? Is this indicating that I need to do a small essay within my research as well as 1.2?? Thank you :-)

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Re: Personal writing 1.1

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For 1.1 you do need to show evidence of your research. This can be in the form of your own written notes or by the inclusion of printed pages which you have highlighted or annotated.
For 1.2 you are reviewing your research in a written piece and here you would be evaluating the pros and cons of your chosen career. You should refer to your research in this written piece and include References at the end.

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Re: Personal writing 1.1

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I'll also say thank you for this response - answered my question directly without even writing it!
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