Referencing help needed

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Referencing help needed

Post by tracychevin »

I'm unsure who to reference in my text and list an article on a website that also has an author. What I have is an article from the Mail Online, 2009. so have put this in the text, however, I'm now thinking should I actually put the name of the person who wrote the article instead?

Sorry, I've read the Harvard referencing list and I'm still confused :?

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Re: Referencing help needed

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For newspaper articles found in online newspapers, the required elements for a reference are:

Author or corporate author, Year. Title of document or page. Name of newspaper, [type of medium] additional date information. Available at: <url> [Accessed date].

Chittenden, M., Rogers, L. and Smith, D., 2003. Focus: 'Targetitis ails NHS. Times Online, [online]1 June. Available at: < ... 138006.ece>
[Accessed 17 March 2005].

Coney, J., 2009. Is this the start of a new home loan war HSBC vows to lend £1billion to homebuyers with 10% deposits. Daily Mail, [online] (Last updated 9.47 AM on 09th April 2009). Available at: < ... osits.html>
[Accessed on 20 April 2009].

An intext reference for the above examples would read:

(Chittenden, et al. 2003)

(Coney, 2009)

It is good practice to keep in your files a copy of the first page of any web pages you use - See more at: ... H1xSE.dpuf

It's author or corporate. I would probably write the author.

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