Communications module 1.1 and 1.2

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Communications module 1.1 and 1.2

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I am new to the DLC and the forums, I am on my first module Communications – personal writing (I am usually quite confident but this seems to have thrown me off completely)! Perhaps I am reading too far into it!?

Firstly, criteria 1.1 - am I correct in that all that they require for this is evidence of any research that I have done into my chosen profession (midwifery), does this have to be in any format I would think that sending off odd bits of annotated paper without any depth is not what they are looking for? Does this need to be accompanied by some form of written work?

Criteria 1.2 – this is where you would write (an essay) if you will about the findings of your research into said profession and evaluating the pros and cons – making references to the research done and sent in 1.1? All this I am to assume is to be in the third person, or as it is personal writing is it okay to refer to oneself in the first person?

I have already done research into the entry requirements needed to be accepted onto a Midwifery degree – the lowest being 30 credits at distinction…which really doesn’t leave me with much room for error so any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you :D

Good luck to all

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Re: Communications module 1.1 and 1.2

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For Criteria 1.1 you are indeed showing evidence of your research. So not only supplying evidence of this (and referencing it) but also annotating it to show which bits you feel are relevant to your own situation. The writing up of this research comes in task 1.2. Here you would refer to the research you have carried out (Referencing where required) and you would give a thorough overview of the research including entry requirements, career options and pros and cons of this career choice. Third person would be appropriate for this although you can use the first person later in the assignment when you write your self profile.

Hopefully this helps,


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