Genetic engineering ethics essay

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Genetic engineering ethics essay

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so ive started the essay explained what genetic engineering and ethics are now ivemoved onto an example of genetic engineering and ive chosen saviour siblings. Ive explained what they are and started outlining utilitarianism and trying to evaluate the theory if that makes sense but i now feel like ive hit a wall. Where do I go from here do I continue and outline and evaluate more ethical theories that apply to saviour siblings?
Also will asking for another extension on this essay affect my grade?
please help!


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Re: Genetic engineering ethics essay

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There are 2 ways that you can move on with this. You can either

Outline another ethical theory and apply this to your example of saviour siblings perhaps comparing and contrasting how the different theories apply.


You can introduce another aspect of genetic engineering and examine how the Utilitarianism applies to that.

Your grade won't be affected if you as for another extension.


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